Bianca's Crochet Palace

Published on 5 July 2019 at 14:44

From now on you can search my website with the new name

Vanaf nu kun je mijn website zoeken met de nieuwe naam

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Dawn Ward
3 years ago

Hello i am new to crocheting and have been trying some of your 3d flower squares. they are beautiful and I am so pleased how they have turned out. I have followed the 2 one with English subtitles and one with English instructions. I would love to know if you have anymore of these designs with English instructions as crocheting is helping me recover after an operation. You are very talented.

Bianca’s Crochet Palace
3 years ago

Hi Dawn,
There are lots of flowers squares on my youtube channel.
In Dutch and English.
Have you looked at all of my channel?
Happy crochet, Bianca