Macaron Flower Bouquet

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I Love Crochet CAL

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The yarn I used for this blanket:



3 Balls 2010 Hasselt

2 Balls 1020 Leiden

2 Balls 1065 Assen

1 Ball 1081 Gouda

1 Ball 1026 Lelystad

2 Balls 1023 Tiel     

2 Balls 1828 Zutphen

This blanket has a size of 120cm X 185cm

Candyfloss Daydreams

The yarn I used for this blanket:



1068 Den Helder - 2 balls in total

1080 Venlo - 2 balls in total

1240 Ommen - 3 balls in total

1218 Zandvoort - 3 balls in total

1064 Veenendaal - 3 balls in total


Het garen wat ik gebruik voor deze deken:



1068 Den Helder - 2 bollen in totaal

1080 Venlo - 2 bollen in totaal

1240 Ommen - 3 bollen in totaal

1218 Zandvoort - 3 bollen in totaal

1064 Veenendaal - 3 bollen in totaal

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Visit Catherine Bligh's website for her written pattern and the colors she used.


Bezoek de website van Catherine Bligh voor haar geschreven patroon en de kleuren die zij heeft gebruikt.

Waltz of the Flowers

In the video tutorials I made a mistake that I cannot fix. Instead of color 829 you should use color 822.
If you have bought the colors listed below, the colors are correct.
Sorry for this error.


This blanket has a size of 128cm x 128cm

12x color 831 - Axinite
 3 x color 822 - Brown Agate
 3 x color 804 - Boulder Opa

 3x color 832 Estatite
 3 x color 823 - Carnelian
 3 x color 834 - Morganite
 2 x color 816 - Coral
 2 x color 812 - Lemon Quartz
 1 x color 817 - Citrine


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Flowers and Flields

For this blanket I used yarn:              Voor deze deken heb ik garen gebruikt van: 

STONE WASHED from Scheepjes


9 X Color: 821 - Pink Quartzite

3 X Color: 812 - Lemon Quartz

2 X Color: 834 - Morganite

3 X Color: 804 - Boulder Opal

4 X Color: 811 - Deep Amethyst

4 X Color: 808 - Corundum Ruby

3 X Color: 810 - Garnet

3 X Color: 820 - Rose Quartz


This blanket is approximately 125cm x 125cm

Deze deken is ongeveer 125cm x 125cm

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Say it with Flowers

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Eve's Sunflowers.

Crochet with me in this tutorial
Eve's Sunflowers.
This design is by Catherine Bligh



Haak met mij mee aan deze prachtige deken.
Eve's Sunflowers. Een ontwerp van Catherine Bligh

Eve's Sunflowers Tutorials youTube

I used Scheepjes Cotton 8, in the following colours:

Black (515) - 4g

Dark Brown (657) - 25g

Light Brown (659) - 25g

Soft Yellow (508) - 139g

Ochre (722) - 81g

Rust (671) - 53g

Canary (714) - 94g

Light Orange (639) - 147g

Dark Green (713) - 118g

Light Green (642) - 302g

I also used Scheepjes Sunkissed, in the following colours:

Sunkissed 12 - 1 ball of yarn

Sunkissed 15 - 1 ball of yarn


I used approximately: 4g black, 25g dark brown, 25g light brown, 139g soft yellow, 81g ochre, 53g rust, 94g canary, 147g light orange, 118g dark green, 302g light green, 100g Sunkissed 12, 25g Sunkissed 15


Scheepjes Cotton 8 and Sunkissed comes in 50g balls.

Your usage may be more or less depending on your gauge.


The Secret Garden

This design is by Catherine Bligh
Crochet this beautiful blanket with me in my tutorials.
in English.



Haak deze deken met mij mee.
Deze filmpjes zijn er ook in het Nederlands
Ontwerpster van deze deken - Catherine Bligh

The Secret Garden - English tutorials

The Secret Garden - in het Nederlands

Stylecraft Special DK comes in 100g balls. Your usage may be more or less, depending on your gauge. You will need for the whole blanket:


Materiaal die je nodig hebt voor de hele deken.

Stylecraft Special DK zijn bollen van 100gram.


x 3 White 205g

x 2 Aster 128g

x 1 Bluebell 59g

x 1 Violet 38g

x 1 Plum 90g

x 2 Vintage peach 179g

x 2 Gold 167g

x 1 Mustard 39g

x 1 Saffron 87g

x 1 Lemon 66g

x 2 Buttermilk 153g

x 6 Pistachio 586g

x 9 Cypress 869g


This blanket is approximately 205cm x 205cm

Deze deken is ongeveer 205cm x 205cm


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